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Objectives and Activities

The Austrian Research Association was founded in 1977 in order to provide new impulses for research promotion and science policies in Austria. Funded by the federal and regional governments it concentrates on ensuring quality and future orientation of research and teaching at institutions for higher education. The Austrian Resarch Association consists of Austrian academics who want to strengthen the role of science in public life and in formulating science policies. 
All activities and programmes of the Association are initiated and controlled by a Scientific Board which is responsible for the planning of activities and for decisions about research promotion. Membership on this board is based on scientific merits and represents a cross section of all universities and areas of research.
The scope of activities of the Austrian Research Association comprises questions of science and university politics, the establishment of research groups for interdisciplinary research topics, specialised research funding schemes (for instance the programmes "International Communication" and "Publication Promotion Scheme") and giving awards for outstanding scientific achievements.

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